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After having my first baby, like many women, my body was NOT what it used to be. I was overweight, tired all the time, didn't eat right and lacked the energy to go to the gym on my own. Unhappy with my current physical situation, I decided to DO something about it and called Julian. I have worked with many different personal trainers in the past, before my baby, but none have even REMOTELY compared to Julian! His professionalism, expertise and experience truly make a difference! He motivated me when I had no motivation, tailored a fitness and nutrition plan to fit my busy life as a working mom, and just plain delivered results! It's not impossible to have the same OR BETTER post-baby bod with the right help! 

- Liz

I started working out with Julian on January 24th 2010. I came to Julian looking to lose weight and take steps to learn how to live a better healthier lifestyle. Two years later not only have I lost weight, but I am more confident and living healthier than ever. Julian has helped me improve my nutrition and strength not to mention he's a good friend. Julian is an AWESOME trainer and I would recommend his services to anyone seeking to achieve their fitness goals. Thanks Julian and looking forward to the next work out!


The year I spent working with Julian changed my life.  With his help, I lost 75 lbs, dropped my body fat percentage below 20%, and went from a size 16 to a size 2, all at 43 years old.He's extremely knowledgeable, has a definite passion for his work and cares deeply about his clients.  I'm in the best shape of my life and I couldn't have done it without him!  Thanks Julian.    

- Lori

 Julian gave me the education and tools needed to set me on a path toward lifelong fitness and he helped me achieve my short-term goal of losing 20lbs.   More importantly, he provided me with the motivation and encouragement that all newcomers to fitness training must have to succeed.

- Bill

 Working with Julian the past five months has helped me achieve my weight loss goals by losing 15% of my body weight, lowering my body fat percentage by 10%, and improving my overall health.  Julian has the heart of a teacher and is committed to developing a fitness plan customized for you. 

- Courtney

Julian's training program helped me gain strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance during my offseason so I could stay on top of my game at the professional level. I'm looking forward to more programs that he has to offer.

- Asif Shah Professional Baseball Player

In just four short months of training with Julian, I have increased my strength and endurance through weight training.  I am down 25lbs and only 10lbs from my goal weight. Julian helped me to develop a workout plan that has created a healthier me, and that's better than any number on a scale.

- Christina

I really enjoyed my experience working with Julian.  He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness.  His style and approach towards figure contest preparation is very flexible and suitable for anyone's lifestyle.  Being a trainer myself, I'm well aware of how to strength train and diet on my own, but Julian gave me the tools to be adequately prepared to compete. With his guidance, I was able to successfully achieve one of my personal goals of competing in a figure competition and although it was my first show, I won 2nd place.  If you're looking to take your fitness to the next level, I definitely recommend working with Julian.



Julian is truly an amazing trainer.  He constantly gave me the encouragement, accountability, and tools I needed to achieve my weight loss goals.  In just 9 months of working with him, I've lost over 70lbs and counting! He is extremely intelligent as a trainer and truly cares about his clients goals.  I'm looking forward to continually working and achieving more fitness goals with him.  I'd highly recommend Julian to anyone who was looking to improve their health and fitness.


I've been working out Julian and using his MS3 Program for the last 10 weeks.  In that time frame, I managed to pack on some muscle and lose over 25lbs of fat.  His nutrition and training style allowed him to formulate a plan to work around my busy lifestyle.  There's no doubt he's really cares about his clients' goals.  If you're looking for an excellent trainer, Julian is your guy.



Being a trainer doesn't mean I don't have fitness goals of my own.  In 2010, I set out into the competitive natural bodybuilding world with hopes of eventually becoming a natural professional bodybuilder.  Although I finished 9th out of 14 in my very first show, I did not let that falter my hopes.  Through continuous growth in my training and nutritional efforts and education, I realized my goal of becoming a natural professional bodybuilder in the beginning of 2013.  Not only did my experiences help me achieve my goal, but they've helped me improve my skills as a trainer in order to help others realize their fitness goals. 


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