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Online Training and Contest Prep

Julian's personalized online personal training will provide you with a superior and customized exercise program, a healthy eating plan, skype for posing sessions, and unlimited email counseling to guide you through your program, giving you everything you get from an in the flesh personal trainer, except for face-to-face motivation and exercise instruction. All fees are listed at the bottom of this page and due upfront in order to ensure commitment and dedication to the program. To get started please contact Julian via email at with the following information:







Health Complications:


Height and Weight:


Your Goals: You can have as many goals as you'd like.  We just need to be able to quantify it.  For instance, like a waist or hip measurement, body-fat percentage, weight, a strength goal for a certain exercise anything we can measure and improve is fair game :-)


Physical Limitations: Any injuries that we need to work around


Waist Measurement:  Measure around your belly button


Hip Measurement: Measure around the middle of your butt to the front of your hips


Leg Measurement: Measure around both of your legs directly in-between your hip and knee joint


Arm Measurement: Flex your bicep for each arm and measure around the biggest part of your arm


Neck Measurement: Measure right around your throat area of the neck


Body Fat Percentage:  There are a few different devices that can be used to measure this, but I prefer this one located here because of its consistency. 


Photos: Front, Both Sides, and Rear. Men wear shorts and women wear swimsuits in order to properly assess your current physique by symmetry, muscularity, and leanness.  


Based upon the information given, I'll create you a personalized workout routine and/or nutritional program. The workout program will be catered to your individual needs based upon my assessment of your physique and the nutritional plan will consist of guidelines for calories and macronutrients with a template with how to pair proteins, complex carbs, fruits/veggies, snacks, and liquids.  Serving sizes depend are relative to your caloric and macro guidelines so they're not listed.  For accurate intake, I suggest using a calorie counter app such as MyFitnessPal in conjunction with my nutritional macronutrient chart to track carbs, proteins, and fats.

Online Training Program Fee Sheet *




Online Nutrition Program Only


12 weeks $500 

16 weeks $650

20 weeks $775

24 weeks $875


Online Training Program Only


12 weeks $500

16 weeks $650

20 weeks $775

24 weeks $875


Online Nutrition and Training Programs


12 weeks $750

16 weeks $975

20 weeks $1160

24 weeks $1300


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